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Specializing in International Relations
Diplomacy | Institutions | Development Projects | Humanitarian Aid | Philanthropy



I translate English and Spanish documents into French


I edit, polish and optimize your French translation based on your original English or Spanish draft


I proofread and correct your documents written in French (grammar, spelling, punctuation and style)


I can work with you to write texts, reports and articles in French, while respecting your criteria

I create bilingual and/or trilingual FR-EN-SP glossaries according to your needs
Style Guides

I can work with you to develop a style guide to harmonize your French editorial practice
Reference Lists

I adapt your reference lists to match the style requested for your French translation

I adapt your French source documents before you apply machine translation

I amend machine-generated translation to provide an acceptable French output

I adapt respondents’ quotes to match the style requested for your French translation
Gender Neutrality

I can help you integrate gender-inclusive language into your French editorial practice

I can double check your French documents and reports for typography consistency

I offer French writing services, including minutes, reports and executive summaries

I offer tailor-made French language and academic/professional writing classes and workshops


in International Relations

Research Outputs | Corporate Communication | Web & Print Media

Work Ethic

I translate into French – my mother tongue – to respect the work ethic prescribed by the professional translators affiliated to the Société française des traducteurs (SFT)
I have a Master’s in International Relations and mostly dedicate myself to this field of expertise to ensure high-quality services relying upon proven experience
Your time constraints are my priority: We discuss and agree on a delivery date and a collaborative work approach to ensure the best results for you


Should you need a quote, please send me an email

I take various criteria into account to provide you with a tailor-made quote:

  • Total number of words to translate/edit/proofread/write
  • Technicality of the source documents
  • Necessary background research
  • Urgency of the assignment
  • Requested work hours (day, evening, weekend)

Each quote is adapted to your specific needs



Méline Bernard traductrice
  • Professional translator – qualified & certified
  • Holder of a Master’s (MSc) in International Relations
  • Member of the Société française des traducteurs

I am an experienced translator, editor, proofreader and ghostwriter, with specific expertise in international relations. I provide language services for public and private actors working in the humanitarian and development sectors, as well as in the research, media and publishing industry.

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